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Practice areas

Wolfs Advocaten has a broad range of expertise when it comes to providing advice or conducting litigation in various areas of law.

Below is a brief explanation for each area of law. Issues also arise that are (or can be) covered by multiple areas of law, such as reviewing contracts or drafting general terms and conditions of business. Please contact us if you have any questions.

International Trade - Wolfs Advocaten Maastricht


International trade

International trade law regulates the legal relations between traders. Laws and regulations lay down, among other things, the legal position of traders, how trade is conducted and how to deal with trade disputes.

Customs law - Wolfs Advocaten Maastricht


Customs law

Customs law plays an important role in international trade. Every seller, importer, manufacturer, forwarder or carrier is confronted with Customs sooner or later. 

Commercial advice & litigation - Wolfs Advocaten Maastricht


Commercial advice & litigation

A commercial dispute can be settled in various ways. Think of conducting (intensive) negotiations and reaching a (favorable) settlement, entering into (summary) proceedings with the competent authority or conducting arbitrations. 

Corporate advice & litigation - Wolfs Advocaten Maastricht


Corporate advice & litigation

Wolfs Advocaten has extensive experience in corporate law disputes. These include disputes between directors, shareholders and supervisory directors of the company. Wolfs Advocaten strives to settle corporate disputes in the manner most desirable for you.

Liability law and insurance law - Wolfs Advocaten Maastricht


Liability law and insurance law

Company fires, cargo theft, (medical) errors and industrial accidents. These topics are in the news almost daily. 

Cannabis law - Wolfs Advocaten Maastricht


Cannabis law

The popularity of the business of trading cannabis has grown tremendously over the years. More and more entrepreneurs are cashing in and partaking in this lucrative trade. 

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