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Commercial advice & litigation

Commercial advice & litigation - Wolfs Advocaten Maastricht
Commercial advice & litigation - Wolfs Advocaten Maastricht


Wolfs Advocaten mediates, negotiates, litigates and advises.


A dispute is of course always better to be avoided. Since the agreements between parties are often decisive for the outcome of a dispute, Wolfs Advocaten is also often involved in the creation of those agreements. This ranges from drafting the agreement to advising on the content of the agreement, all from (of course) a commercial approach.


Often the parties determine which law applies to the agreement. If parties were to decide that another law than Dutch law should apply to the agreement, Wolfs Advocaten is at your disposal with its international network to advise on foreign law.


Advice can also consist of advising the client how best to handle the dispute without the intervention of a lawyer. This is sometimes better for the commercial relationship between the parties. Wolfs Advocaten is happy to think along with you.

Would you like to know more?

Feel free to contact John Wolfs or Lars Kroese.

Commercial disputes

A commercial dispute can be settled in various ways. Think of conducting (intensive) negotiations and reaching a (favorable) settlement, entering into (summary) proceedings with the competent authority or conducting arbitrations.


Wolfs Advocaten has extensive experience in settling commercial disputes. When initiating a procedure, Wolfs Advocaten first examines whether it is desirable at all.


Wolfs Advocaten is also familiar with conducting arbitration proceedings. In this respect, John Wolfs' experience as an arbitrator comes in handy.

National and international

Wolfs Advocaten represents the interests of parties in both national and international disputes. If the case has an international angle or if proceedings have to take place abroad, Wolfs Advocaten works closely together with lawyers from its international network. Wolfs Advocaten is a member of IR Global, a worldwide network in which many different international expertises are combined.

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