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Cannabis law

Cannabis law -  Wolfs Advocaten Maastricht
Cannabis law -  Wolfs Advocaten Maastricht


When a party involved in the cannabis trade fails to comply with certain contractual agreements, serious damage can occur. This may give rise to the question of who is liable for these damages. To this end, it is important to determine which law applies to the agreement entered into between the parties. Wolfs Advocaten, with its knowledge of national and international law, is uniquely qualified to advise you.

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The popularity of the business of trading cannabis has grown tremendously over the years. More and more entrepreneurs are cashing in and partaking in this lucrative trade.


Partaking is not without its challenges. For example, problems may arise in establishing the cannabis-trading company. Problems may also arise in advertising the product. Finally, disputes may arise between dealers themselves or between the dealer and other third parties involved in the cannabis trade (such as Customs).

Corporate law

When establishing a company dealing in cannabis, corporate law comes into play. Wolfs Advocaten has extensive knowledge in the field of corporate law. Many clients have been assisted by Wolfs Advocaten in virtually every aspect of establishing a company. This includes drafting agreements or giving advice on the various forms of business.


For the entrepreneur, it is very important that the marketed product is presented to the consumer in the most attractive way. The applicable laws and regulations should not be overlooked in this regard. Failure to meet labeling requirements or making health claims can have serious legal consequences.


Wolfs Advocaten has extensive knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations. For several years now, Wolfs Advocaten has supported its clients in the advertising and marketing of cannabis products.

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