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Transport & Logistics law

Transport & logistics law - Wolfs Advocaten Maastricht
Transport & logistics law - Wolfs Advocaten Maastricht


Logistics encompasses more than just transportation from one place to another. Logistics involves the overall management of the movement of goods and services. Transportation, loading and unloading, freight forwarding, storage/warehousing, ancillary activities such as assembly and packaging, inventory management and customs activities are all included. As a result, logistics operations are highly complex not only in practice, but also legally. For example, mandatory (treaty) law may apply to some parts of the logistics operation, while for other parts freedom of contract applies. Determining the contractual arrangements between the client and the logistics service provider is therefore crucial. Wolfs Advocaten is more than happy to assist you.

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Transportation comes in many different forms. Consider air transport, inland navigation, road transport and rail transport. Each mode of transport has its own applicable rules and industry conditions. Wolfs Advocaten is familiar with all these forms of transport and the applicable laws and regulations.

Wolfs Advocaten assists clients in all kinds of issues in the field of transport law. Wolfs Advocaten offers support to clients with liability issues, both in and out of court. In doing so, we look for the most satisfactory solution for the client.


When it is necessary to litigate abroad, Wolfs Advocaten utilizes its international network.


Besides liability issues, Wolfs Advocaten offers support to clients in other ways. These include drafting contracts for transport and forwarding, drafting general conditions and advising on the most diverse topics in the field of transport law.


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