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Corporate advice & litigation

Corporate advice & litigation - Wolfs Advocaten Maastricht
Corporate advice & litigation - Wolfs Advocaten Maastricht

Inquiry procedure

The inquiry procedure is conducted before the Corporate Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal and concerns the policy conducted by the company. The proceedings focus on the question whether there is mismanagement.


Thanks to its knowledge in the field of enquiry law, Wolfs Advocaten is ideally suited to assist you in the proceedings.

Would you like to know more?

Feel free to contact John Wolfs or Lars Kroese.

Corporate disputes

Wolfs Advocaten has extensive experience in corporate law disputes. These include disputes between directors, shareholders and supervisory directors of the company. Wolfs Advocaten strives to settle corporate disputes in the manner most desirable for you.

Shareholders dispute

Disrupted relationships between shareholders can cause great damage to (the continuity of) the company. Business operations, decision-making and cooperation can come under pressure or even become impossible.


It is of course always better to avoid a dispute. In this regard, Wolfs Advocaten is regularly asked to draw up a dispute settlement which can be included in the articles of association of the company. A shareholder agreement can also be drawn up.


In the absence of a dispute settlement in the articles of association or a shareholders' agreement, Wolfs Advocaten is more than happy to assist you in any legal proceedings that may arise.

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