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Meet Wolfs Advocaten

Wolfs Advocaten B.V. is based in Maastricht and Amsterdam with a visit location in Venlo and offers legal solutions for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and abroad.

The firm covers all areas of law and specialises in (international) trade law, (international) transport law, insurance law, customs law, (international) commercial advice & litigation, (international) corporate advice & litigation and cannabis law.

About us - Wolfs Advocaten Maastricht

John Wolfs, entrepreneur at heart, is the founder of Wolfs Advocaten. He has now been working as an attorney for almost 30 years. Before founding Wolfs Advocaten in 2003 he worked for a number of leading firms including in Washington DC and Rotterdam (Houthoff). His Maastricht roots, the quality of life and love brought him back to Maastricht.

John is well known for his creativity, specialist (sector) knowledge and the top quality service he provides. He is direct, proactive, constructive and is able to analyse situations quickly. Moreover, he is pragmatic. John Wolfs frequently lectures in the field of transport law, (international) commercial law and insurance law. John provides clients, entrepreneurs and insurers with legal advice and assists them in (international) proceedings.

In his private time, John enjoys playing squash and running. He has completed the marathons in New York, San Francisco and Amsterdam for example.

John Wolfs has registered the following legal practice areas in the Netherlands Bar’s register of legal practice areas (rechtsgebiedenregister): 

- Transport and trade Law
- Corporate Law

Based on this registration, he is required to obtain ten education points per calendar year in each registered legal practice area in accordance with the standards set by the Netherlands Bar.

John Wolfs - Wolfs Advocaten Maastricht

Long-term relationships

Our clients often choose to enter into a long-term business relationship with our firm. Many of our clients are logistic, industrial and trading companies, as well as insurance companies, insurance intermediaries, foreign lawyers, housing corporations and care providers who value the services provided by Wolfs Advocaten.

Long-term relationships


Wolfs Advocaten has entered into a cooperative working arrangement with Ron Meulmeester (Kingfisher Advocaten). Wolfs Advocaten will in certain cases engage Ron Meulmeester (through Kingfisher Advocaten). This work is covered by the professional liability insurance of Wolfs Advocaten if and to the extent the work is taken out on behalf of Wolfs Advocaten.

Cooperation - Wolfs Advocaten Maastricht


IR Global

IR Global is a multi-disciplinary professional services network that provides legal, accountancy, and financial advice to companies and individuals around the world.


Represented in 165+ jurisdictions and covering over 60 unique practice areas, our IR Global membership gives us an international reach offering the highest quality bespoke advice that meets the needs of the most complex client requirements.


Within our IR Global membership, we work alongside the highest quality boutique and mid-sized firms who service the mid-market all around the world. Firms which are focused on partner-led, personal service and have extensive cross border experience.


Over the last decade, the IR Global community has grown to over 1000 members worldwide based on the principles of friendship, trust and a shared belief in going beyond the traditional role of the adviser.


We share the IR Global value of creating a ‘go-to’ network for forward-thinking clients looking for creative, pragmatic and cost-effective solutions.


Please visit for more information.



The International Cannabis Bar Association (INCBA) is a global community of the most experienced legal practitioners serving the regulated cannabis industry.

By providing a hub where (inter)national practitioners can share information, Wolfs Advocaten is up to date on any and all (inter)national legal developments regarding the cannabis industry.


As a member of INCBA, Wolfs Advocaten is in contact with practitioners from a variety of different practice areas and jurisdictions. And thus, the solution to any potential legal problem can easily be solved without needing to associate with a practitioner that you and Wolfs Advocaten are/is not familiar with.


Please visit for more information.



Aliant is an international law firm that provides cross border legal services for individuals and companies. Aliant stands out from other firms through its personalized approach.

The Aliant network consists of firms that are selected based on their quality of service as well as their area of expertise. Aliant has gathered firms that are complementary to one another.
And thus making sure that any and all problems can easily be solved.


As a member of Aliant, Wolfs Advocaten is in contact with many experienced lawyers who can assist you if the case has an international angle.


Please visit for more information.


Eurojuris International

Eurojuris International is an international legal network of independent, well-established and trusted law firms. The member firms are carefully selected based on their quality of service, promptness and confidentiality.


The member firms provide legal services in the following areas: healthcare, automotive & transportation, charities & non-profit, banking & finance, agriculture & renewables, construction & property, manufacturing, education, media & IT and hospitality & leisure.


As a member of Eurojuris International, Wolfs Advocaten is able to offer its clients high quality legal assistance around the world by consulting and (if required) involving colleagues we know and trust.


Please visit for more information


Venlo Freight Village

Venlo Freight Village is a logistics platform in the region Venlo. The network consists of entrepreneurs, policy makers and other individuals and/or organisations related to the logistics sector.


This blended community allows not only for the exchange of legal knowledge, but also for the exchange of sector-specific knowledge. And thus, Wolfs Advocaten is up to date on all developments regarding the logistics sector.


Please visit for more information.


ELC Limburg

The European Logistics Center Limburg Association (ELC Limburg) is a consultation platform for more than 100 organisations involved in the logistics sector. ELC Limburg consists of companies, governmental authorities, intermediaries, branch organisations and training institutes.


ELC Limburg is involved in a variety of projects regarding the logistics sector. And thus, the members of ELC Limburg are up to date on all developments regarding the logistics sector.


As a member of ELC Limburg, Wolfs Advocaten is in contact with many individuals and organisations relevant to the logistics sector. As a result, Wolfs Advocaten is able to take a more practical approach to any (legal) problems a client might have.

Please visit for more information.

Important networks

Since 2003

The firm was established in 2003 by John Wolfs. John Wolfs, himself a thoroughbred entrepreneur, has been practicing as an attorney for almost 30 years. After his career working at a number of leading firms including in Washington DC and Rotterdam (Houthoff), he chose Maastricht as the location to establish Wolfs Advocaten. This was due to his Maastricht roots and the quality of life in this region.


In addition, Wolfs Advocaten has a visiting address in the logistics hotspot of Venlo.


Since October 2019, Wolfs Advocaten has been working closely with Kingfisher. The two firms will continue to work together in Amsterdam under the joint name of Wolfs Kingfisher Advocaten.

Since 2003 - Wolfs Advocaten Maastricht

Meet the team

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