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Third aid package from October 2020

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Due to the ongoing economic problems caused by the coronavirus, a new support package has been announced. This support package will take effect from October 2020 and, unlike the previous support packages, will last nine months until July 2020. The support package aims to "guide workers to work".

The warning regarding approaching bankruptcy remains in place. The support package, like the previous support packages, will consist of three tools: (1) the wage subsidy (NOW), (2) assistance for the self-employed (Tozo) and (3) an allowance for fixed costs (TVL). Here, the level of the NOW and the Tozo will be phased out. The TVL will first increase and then be phased out.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about the third support package or about the specific schemes and how to apply for them? Feel free to contact one of our lawyers.


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