Transport law

Transport law is a very specific area of law. It covers every form of logistics and the issues are often urgent, for example if the transport of perishable goods grinds to a halt or suffers delay. In such situations losses can arise immediately and these have to be prevented as much as possible. Transport law often involves at least three parties, thus causing a complex interplay of rights and obligations. On top of that, other logistic service providers are involved such as forwarding agents, stevedores, warehousing, etc.

Our specialism

Transport law is a specialism of Wolfs Advocaten, in the broadest sense. Examples are:

  • road transport law
  • maritime law
  • aviation law
  • liability of logistic agents (for example the shipping agent, stevedore or shipbroker)
  • forwarding / storage / physical distribution / VAL / 4P
  • as well as the drafting and reviewing of contracts and the drafting and reviewing of disclaimers and general terms and conditions, and
  • transport (goods) insurance law / LPP / G-23 / marine insurance

Many years of experience

Wolfs Advocaten is your appointed expert in the field of transport due to the firm’s extensive and many years of experience in this area of law (both regarding the provision of advice and support, and litigation), combined with its specific knowledge of this sector.

More information?

If you require further information, please contact John WolfsLotte Oostdam or Lars Kroese.