Wolfs Advocaten believes in a practical approach to legal issues. We are realistic, creative and fast and we analyse the issue from different angles. Is the required solution feasible in law? Are (protracted) proceedings actually necessary? Our fundamental principle is teamwork: you are continuously consulted and provided with insight into the strategy to be chosen and its implementation.

Litigation or dialogue?

Wolfs Advocaten not only handles legal proceedings in any court of law but also undertakes arbitration and provides binding advice as a legally binding adviser. Wolfs Advocaten also provides mediation support. Fortunately, legal proceedings are not always necessary in order to (be able to) resolve a conflict.

The best alternatives

Wolfs Advocaten will advise you on the best alternatives available for your problem and will then provide the legal support for the chosen approach. Examples of this are attempts to reach a settlement, bringing a dispute before a legally binding adviser or engaging the services of a mediator.

Comprehensive approach

Sometimes, more is involved than just the legal problem that is presented. Wolfs Advocaten intrinsically looks beyond the issue that is presented to us. If we think it is necessary we will advise in a wider context. And if it appears that your case requires expertise beyond our area of expertise we shall seek a national or international partner who specialises in the relevant legal area. Collaborating with specialist third parties such as accountants, tax consultants and corporate advisers forms part of our day-to-day work.

General terms and conditions

The services provided by Wolfs Advocaten are subject to our general terms and conditions.

Privacy statement

The privacy policy of Wolfs Advocaten can be found in our privacy statement.

Complaints procedure

Wolfs Advocaten has a complaints procedure, details of which can be found here.

No legal aid

Wolfs Advocaten does not take on any legal aid cases. If you decide to engage the services of Wolfs Advocaten you waive any right to government-financed legal assistance.