Social involvement

Wolfs Advocaten places a great deal of value on social responsibility and involvement. Wolfs Advocaten, and in particular John Wolfs, is involved in several organisations. Two of these organisations focus on facilitating further research via fundraising. Wolfs Advocaten also supports a range of local, regional and (inter)national social and cultural activities. A brief summary is provided below.

Business Friends Foundation for the Limburg Cancer Research Fund

This foundation makes every effort to achieve practical implementation of corporate social responsibility and to demonstrate its involvement in fighting cancer. Business Friends organise networking meetings, lectures and events for the benefit of the Limburg Cancer Research Fund. The Limburg Cancer Research Fund is affiliated to the AZM/Maastricht UMC+ fundraising organisation that raises money to fund extra research into this illness; research that will ultimately benefit every patient in Limburg in whatever hospital in Limburg. Why not become a Business Friend too? See website:

Five 4 five Foundation

The Five 4 five Foundation organises the fundraising event Five 4 Five in May of each year in the municipality of Eijsden-Margraten, with choices between walking, cycling or running in a beautiful, challenging sports environment in order to raise funds for research into fighting cancer. Why not join us in May? See website:

Squash team

The Wolfs Advocaten squash team provides a podium for young talent to gain competition experience and develop, and with success – a win in the Limburg intercompany squash competition in 2015 and a second in 2016.

The Alumni Council of the Faculty of Law at Maastricht University

The organisation that allows alumni of the Maastricht University Faculty of Law to stay in contact with the faculty and their Alma Mater. This council brings a select number of alumni in contact with other alumni, students, staff members and the faculty itself. Within that framework, John Wolfs, alumnus of Maastricht University, provides advice on – amongst other things – the association between the education on offer and the practical world of law.

Ondernemend Wyck

Ondernemend Wyck is an association of entrepreneurs that endeavours to strengthen the district of Wyck in the city of Maastricht in both economic and cultural terms. Wolfs Advocaten is located in the Wyck district; that’s why Wolfs Advocaten is a keen supporter of these initiatives.